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We believe that the edit table is where you make or break the content. An innovative approach towards editing and a strong post-production setup have been part of our system from day 1.

Image by Jakob Owens

Master-ji is our in-house wing that specialises in all the post-production services under one roof; right from offline/online editing, motion graphics, animation, sound design to illustrations and graphic design.

We create content across the spectrum of platforms and formats, including (but not limited to) trailers, promos, social media assets, music videos, and many more.


Music Video - DBS India & Phool

Dega Jaan - Family Man

Music Video - Prime Video

Avanse - Education Loans

Digital AD - Avanse

Mirzapur - Recaps

Character promos - Prime Video

Mumbai Diaries

Digital AD - Prime Video


Music Video - Raymond


Food - Yashraj Films & Foodcloud

Ulta Fulta

Music Video - Rainshine Media

Bank Chor

Music Video - Yashraj Films

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